The most precious gift is a healthy environment.

Because children depend on the Earth we leave them.

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For eons, people thrived in balance with the natural world.

Many indigenous and traditional communities still do.

But in Latin America,

corporations are pushing families off their ancestral lands.

Drilling for fossil fuels.

Destroying rain forests.

Polluting rivers.

No matter who we are,

no matter where we live,

we all have the right to

a healthy environment.

People from Mexico to Chile are fighting back –

and AIDA is helping them with the power of law.

AIDA strengthens their efforts to protect

people, places, and the planet.

And we do it at no charge.

That's right. Free.

Because generous donors make it possible for AIDA to provide legal and scientific support.

YOU can defend indigenous and traditional communities… improve environmental governance… bring clean energy to Latin America… and help expand AIDA's programs in human rights, climate change, and marine protection.

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